Vera Lopes, CEO Luxury Marketing Council Brazil

Meeting Vera Lopes, CEO Luxury Marketing Council Brazil

The best place to meet Vera Lopes is the elegant Rua Oscar Freire, the famous high end shopping street in the Jardins neighborhood, the Beverly Hills of São Paulo.

Amidst finely dressed Brazilians, I walk along concept stores that are designed like precious jewelry boxes. Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs present their designs alongside Brazilian brands such as Alexandre Herchcovitch and H.Stern. Continue reading

Vera Lopes - Luxury Marketing Specialist

‘Connecting luxury brands’ – Vera Lopes

In Rua Oscar Freire being seen is an art in itself, beware of paparazzi! The other main activity, luxury shopping, happens to be the core of Vera Lopes’ profession as CEO of the Luxury Marketing Council (LMC) Brazil.

She kicks off: “Before the Brazilian luxury market opened up, consumers only had access to luxury goods through friends who brought products in their suitcases from trips abroad. From the mid-90s, when international brands became available, glamour loving Brazilians soon lined up to purchase their Gucci, Dior, Mercedes Benz, Rolex etc. Continue reading

'Luxury is all about experience' - Vera Lopes

‘Luxury is all about experience’ – Vera Lopes

Enjoying another soda on the shady Santo Grão terrace, where I am meeting with Vera Lopes. She is the CEO of the Luxury Marketing Council (LMC) Brazil, a passionate woman.

Vera creates partnerships between international and Brazilian luxury brands in order to stimulate business opportunities. Talking about the luxury market in Brazil made me curious of her personal definition of luxury. Continue reading